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CNA Classes in Arkansas (AR)

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics have already confirmed a potential shortage of Certified Nursing Assistants in the coming years, and Arkansas is no exception. Health care workers are in short supply, and the opportunity for CNA career advancement in Arkansas is excellent. Here the starting salary for CNAs is typically $22,500 and can go upwards of $29,000 yearly. If you’re after sustainability, now could be a great time to consider pursuing a rewarding career as a Nursing Assistant in a preferred health care setting.

CNA Training in Arkansas

Health care facilities in Arkansas are not allowed to let an individual serve as a CNA unless they have completed a minimum 120 hours of theory and practical training. Only then are they recognized by the Arkansas Department of Health as having gone through the proper training to become a qualified CNA. Once a prospective student has completed their 120 hours of lecture and practical application, the next step is for them to write the CNA certification exam, which is conducted by Prometrics. Accredited CNA programs offer standard courses such as palliative care, personal care, bathing, vital signs evaluation, charting, lifts, and first aid.
Arkansas Tech University in Russellville offers a CNA program that allows one to seamlessly proceed to a more advanced nursing certification such as Licensed Practical Nursing. Enrolling in programs such as this provides an excellent opportunity to improve hiring prospects and negotiate better pay. You can also earn credit hours in colleges such as Mid-South Community College.
A typical CNA class or program in Arkansas usually costs a minimum of $500. Note: This usually does not include scrubs, textbooks, and other needed materials. As to the course duration, it can range from a few intensive weeks to full semesters. When deciding on the right school for you, keep in mind program availabilities as not all institutions offer the program more than once a year.

Free CNA Classes in Arkansas

If you can’t afford the fees for paid CNA class don’t worry, there are several free options available for those on a limited budget.
- The ADH In-Home Health and Hospice Services is sponsored by the state department, and offers free classes that typically run for 40 hours over five consecutive days (usually Monday through Friday). This is a specialized type of CNA as you can work as a Personal Care Assistant/Aide after you’re done. If you lack credit hours, you have the option of taking the competency exam later.
- Some nursing homes and health care facilities that are short-staffed will pay for their employees’ CNA training at a board-approved institution, such as a community college or Petra Allied Health Services. Such participating nursing homes include the following:
  • Crestpark Inn
  • Brighton House Center
  • Beverly Health Care
  • Jefferson Health Care
  • Montgomery County Nursing Home
- Finally, remember to frequent job boards as some ads specify free trainings benefits.

CNA Schools in Arkansas

Arkansas Northeastern College
2501 South Division St.
Blytheville, AR 72315
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, Arkansas 72801
Mid-South Community College (MSCC)
2000 West Broadway
West Memphis, AR 72301

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