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CNA Classes and CNA Training Programs in Mission Viejo, California (CA)

Located in Orange County, Mission Viejo, California is part of the famous SoCal area. Mission Viejo is actually a master planned community and is the largest by population of all the master planned communities in the country. The majority of the economy of Mission Viejo is based on research and financial planning. However, there is a great deal of medical industry in the economy as well, such as the Mission Hospital, which is one of the top employers in the city.

Research on Jobs for the Certified Nursing Assistant

To begin your approach toward becoming a certified nursing assistant, you will need to do a little research. This will allow you to get a real idea of what you can expect when you complete your CNA training in Mission Viejo. The Craigslist page for Orange County will give you information about current available jobs in the medical field. Of course, the job options will change by the time you become a certified nursing assistant, but this will definitely give you perspective.

There is another research tool that can help you learn more about the current job market in the city. Staffing agencies and companies will help you find a job once you have become a certified nursing assistant, but they can also help you before you begin CNA training in Mission Viejo. They will be able to give you information on the local job market. Some of your nearby staffing agency options include:

Dawson and DawsonAppleOne Employment ServicesAllegis Group Becoming a CNA in California

Before you attend CNA classes in Mission Viejo, keep in mind that there are certain minimum requirements that you must meet through your training. The state of California requires that you go through accredited CNA programs in Mission Viejo, and the programs must be approved by the state as well. During your training, you will need to complete 51 hours of classwork as well as 100 hours of clinicals. You must complete and pass all of the training to move on to the state nurse aide exam.

The state of California also requires that you pass the state nurse aide exam, including both parts of it to become a licensed CNA. The first part of the exam will include 60 multiple choice questions in a written format. The second part of the exam will include a test of five randomly picked skills out of the total 25 you should have learned during your CNA classes in Mission Viejo.

Your CNA license will last for two years. It is your responsibility to renew your license so that you can continue to work as a certified nursing assistant.

Options for CNA Training in  Mission Viejo

There are numerous CNA programs in Mission Viejo that you could consider for your training. To begin with, be careful of considering online CNA classes. These classes are more often than not unaccredited, and you cannot become a licensed certified nursing assistant if you do not attend an accredited program. Some of the top training options you have for your CNA classes in Mission Viejo include the following options:

Beachside Nursing CenterAnaheim Crest Nursing CenterAnaheim General Hospital Top CNA Employers in Mission Viejo

To find a job as a certified nursing assistant, you will want to choose from the top employers in the area. This way, you can ensure that you have the best chance at a quality career. Some of the best choices for companies currently hiring CNAs include the following options:

Western Medical CenterChapman Medical CenterSouthwest Healthcare System Salary Expectations for the Certified Nursing Assistant

The average salary for a CNA in Mission Viejo is $25,000, which is close to the national average. There are other salary options based on specialty or career choice. A client care aide will make an average of $32,000 while a companion caregiver will make an average of $17,000.

Important CNA Skills in Mission Viejo

Your CNA training in Mission Viejo should include pertinent skills that will allow you to excel at your career. These skills include:

Basic patient careAmbulatory careEmergency careCommunication with patientsReading and recording vital signs 

If you choose top quality CNA training in Mission Viejo, then you can ensure that you will learn the skills you require to be a high quality certified nursing assistant.

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